with Lise Silva

PAST: Sacred Knots Workshop//Knot Basics: Monday 2/26

$ 95

Date: Monday, February 26

Time: 6 - 9pm

Location: St. Lighting 1813 Polk St. San Francisco, CA 94109

Workshop Description:
Knotting connects us to the past and grounds us in the present, using hand and mind in skillful play like an active meditation.  Learn to create a collection of dramatic knots for wearable sculpture or wall pieces using special techniques developed by fiber artist Lise Silva.
In this 3 hour course, you will learn:
- The fundamental concepts of knotting and knot symbolism
- How to set intention and create a knotting practice
- How to read knotting diagrams
- A variety of knotting and tassel techniques and how to apply them to projects
Each student will complete a collection of knotted pieces for display (similar to the collection shown in the first two images) using the techniques learned in class, with the option to add color and tassels.  Materials included in this course include cotton rope, a copy of Lise Silva's book, Knot: A Book (an instructional guide) for reference and to inspire future creations, yarn for tassels in several colors to add to your pieces. 
NOTE: This is a beginning knot workshop, where you will learn to make many foundation knots that can be practiced and used for larger scale projects in the future. No experience necessary! The final images depict our instructor, Lise Silva, and her process and body of work. ➰🌹➰
Thoughts on Knots:
The limitless possibilities of a single cord, connecting and intertwining, was thought by our ancestors to explain the workings of the cosmos and activate the powers of the subconscious.  From the manifestation powers of Chinese knots to the metaphysical principles in Celtic designs, craftsmen and women from around the world communicated systems of belief through knots.  By expressing our dreams through a system of symbols, knots also propel us into the future.  
About the Instructor:

Lise Silva Gomes is an artist based in Oakland, CA.  She explores the power of symbols through her work with Sacred Knots, creating fiber jewelry and wallhangings using handmade cord entwined in knot designs that serve as metaphors for life experiences, dreams, and deep desires.  Her collaborative jewelry designs with metal worker and Spirit Speak tarot creator Mary Elizabeth Evans, In The House of Lovers, is a ceremonial collection of Artwear celebrating mythic iconography.  Meditation and visualization are a tool in Lise's creative process. She leads guided meditations as a tool for manifestation, lucid dreaming, mental/emotional balance, creativity and relaxation.  

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