with Arwyn Moonrise

PAST: Hand Embroidery Package! Both Classes 10/16 + 10/23

$ 135

Workshop 1: Beginning Embroidery

Date: Monday, October 16th

Time: 6 - 9pm

Location: St. Lightning, in the main floor of the shop.  The shop will be closed to the public during the workshop.  1813 Polk St. San Francisco, CA 94109.  Our cross street is Washington, and we are located in the Polk Gulch neighborhood between Russian Hill and Nob Hill.

Workshop Description:

Back by popular demand!  If you missed our past embroidery workshops, here's another chance to stitch.

An experienced embroidery artist with the sickest handmade appliqué leather vest you've ever seen, Arwyn Moonrise has created a project-based workshop to teach students the foundation stitches used in hand embroidery, as well as understanding how and when to use them in original designs.  Students will learn and master embroidery basics including six core stitching techniques, and everyone will finish class with a work-in-progress and all the tools needed to explore original embroidery designs.  All materials are included, and each student will take home an embroidery kit including needles, thread, hoop and fabric.  Class starts at 6, but for those who work late, you are welcome to come in when you can and we will catch you up.  This workshop is limited to 14 students.


Workshop 2: Intermediate Embroidery Projects

Date: Monday, October 23rd

Time: 6 - 9pm

Location: St. Lightning, in the main floor of the shop. The shop will be closed to the public during the workshop.

Workshop Description:

Is your extra large jean jacket patiently waiting to be covered in leaping tigers with weed leaf eyes?  How about that stack of holey jeans in your closet that you've been meaning to artistically patch since 1982?  The time is now!  Come to St. Lightning and workshop your personal embroidery project with Arwyn Moonrise, the San Francisco Stitch Queen.  

An experienced embroidery artist with the patience of a saint, Arwyn Moonrise will share her extensive knowledge of design and layout, stitch placement, textile/thread choice and problem solving to stitchers with some experience who have mastered the basics and are ready to tackle a larger project.  Each student will be able to consult with Arwyn on his or her unique piece, receive guidance and feedback throughout the night, become inspired by other students' work and learn new techniques and stitches appropriate to the various projects in the group.  

Please bring your project and any supplies you are currently using with you, whether your jacket is half done or it's just a piece of fabric and a dream.  Materials for embroidery including needles, thread and hoops are provided to further your endeavor, and of course we always have plenty of vintage denim, jean jackets, overalls, chore coats, t-shirts, etc. if you want to start something brand new.  This workshop starts at 6, but for those who work late, you are welcome to come in when you can and we will catch you up.  This workshop is limited to 10 students.

About the Teacher:

Arwyn Moonrise (yep, that’s her 100% real name) is a textile artist with a natural teaching gift and a warm, practical nature.  She learned to embroider during her childhood on a small farm in Maine, with summers spent piled into a van, roaming the country with her siblings and free-spirited parents.  “My father owned a single pair of pants and three shirts, so my mother would constantly repair them with handmade patchwork and embroidery,” she explains.  Watching her mother work, Arwyn learned to stitch at a very young age and took up the craft again as an adult.  Encouraged by her mother’s delighted reaction and fueled by a passionate love of vintage clothing and textiles, Arwyn’s contemporary pieces interpret mystical and psychedelic themes with the technical precision and intricacy of a true master.


All St. Lightning classes include elegant compostable plastic cups of wine and fine company.  Oh, and 10% off anything purchased in the shop that evening.


To ensure a fantastic experience for our students and teachers, please read our class policies below.  

Cancellations are allowed up to 48 hours before class to allow us to fill your spot.  Should you need to cancel, please email hello@shopstlightning.com with your name, email address, phone number and the class you are enrolled in.  If you need to cancel after this time frame, your payment will convert into a store credit code, which will be emailed to you.  This credit can be spent on merchandise or another class.

Workshops are best suited to students 16 and older, but please email us if you would like to request an exception so that we may confirm with the teacher.  We request that students under 16 are accompanied by an adult.  Please note that both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are served during workshops.

Should St. Lightning need to cancel a workshop, we will send an email to all students to notify you and will offer you a full refund.

St. Lightning welcomes students of all ages and abilities into our space.  If you have any physical or dietary restrictions, please notify us at least 48 hours in advance of the workshop so that we may prepare to meet your needs.  


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