About us

St. Lightning...The Patron Saint of Cosmic Accidents


In February of 2016, friends and co-owners Jenni Witt + Sita Lindner opened St. Lightning, a shop and studio for creative living, in the historic Polk Gulch neighborhood of San Francisco. Inspired by the unconventional beauty and humble origins of the 1960’s and 70’s Bay Area Arts & Crafts Movement, St. Lightning is a sweet-smelling, good-vibe feeling, green and witchy space, lovingly curated and arranged to inspire you.  Since opening our doors, we have grown into a little gang of dynamic and creative women, each contributing uniquely to something we all truly believe in.


 What we do.

We work closely with artists and designers both locally and across the country to offer unique handmade jewelry, clothing, textiles, ceramics, art, objects and natural apothecary, all ethically made with creative conviction.  

We are champions of our local history, and keep a wide selection of vintage Levi’s denim as well as a handpicked collection of vintage Japanese Indigo, German cotton and American workwear.  

After some trial and error and a few casualties (RIP, Stanley the Staghorn Fern), we’ve found plants and greenery that are difficult to kill!  We have a lovely selection ready to make your cramped urban apartment feel like a lush garden paradise.

We are making jewelry now!  Our St. Lightning Jewelry collection is handmade by Shelly Harper in Oakland, CA, so you can get your hoops, bangles, cuffs and stacking rings in any size and metal, made locally at affordable prices. 

We go high and love low, because we know the most exciting places are where cultures collide. We spend the time to learn how and where things are made, and we are committed to social justice.  Slow fashion, meeting friends and neighbors IRL, and finding beauty in the holes is what we’re about.  Come on by, we’d love to meet you!



Our Studio & Classroom.

Our art studio and classroom will open in Spring of 2017!  We will offer workshops in ceramics, jewelry, textiles, painting, perfumery and other delights, all taught by local artists we represent in the shop. We are so excited to share our love of making stuff and our unique local art community with you. Please join our mailing list to be the first to receive our class schedule, and let us know if there is a specific skill or craft you are dying to learn!



Our Thing.

St. Lightning is a women-owned shop and studio space in San Francisco, CA bringing you up close and personal with artists, makers, and designers who manufacture ethically and sustainably.  We offer a curated selection of unique handmade goods and a series of studio workshops taught by the artists who make them.  Inspired by the colorful, unbound aesthetics and the open exchange of wild ideas that characterized the 1960’s and 70’s Bay Area craft movement, St. Lightning celebrates San Francisco’s creative heritage.