with Ryan Grant-Hays

PAST: Custom Denim Alterations: Sunday, 6/17

$ 5

Join us on Sunday, 6/27åÊfrom 12:00pm - 4:00pm for a custom denim studio day!åÊ Our incredible denim tailor, Ryan Grant Hays, will be in the shop seeing clients personally for all your denim fit needs.åÊ You can bring something purchased at St. Lightning, purchase a pair this afternoon, or bring in thoseåÊtattered 501s you bought at a thrift store in Lodi that fateful summer you ran away from home.åÊ Nearly anything you can imagine can be done!åÊ Jenni will be on hand to help you with fit and silhouette suggestions, and Ryan will pin and chalk your pants to perfectly fit your body.åÊ Alterations will be done in Ryan's studio and can be picked up at St. Lightning the following week.

    Ryan can accommodate 4 people per hour, and he will meet with you in the order you arrive within the hour slot.åÊ We are taking reservations here with a $5 deposit that will be credited towards your alterations.åÊ Come on by the shop during you hour slot and we will give you a personal consultation and fit session.åÊ There may be a short wait depending on the time of arrival.åÊåÊ

    You can bring multiple items to fit during your appointment.

    An appointment is preferred as we can't guarantee there will be time to see everyone, but drop-ins are welcome as time allows.

    Alterations Menu

    Original Hem.....$30åÊ

    Preserve the original wear and fade on the bottom of your jeans by reattaching the existing hemline.

    Take 'em in at the Waist.....$50åÊ

    AMAZING RESULTS!åÊ Ryan removes and reduces the waistband, creates a new buttonhole, sculpts the hips in by sharing the ease between the existing seams, then reattaches the waistband.åÊ It's totally invisible and a perfect fit!åÊ You can turn your 501s or 505s into a foxy lady fit on top...åÊ TRUST - you'll be glad you did.

    Hip Reduction.....$50

    If you've got extra material around the hips or upper thigh, we can solve that for you.

    Hand-Patch Holes.....$20 and upåÊ

    Using scrap denim or another fabric to hand sew contrasting patches either behind a hole or to cover it.

    Darn Holes.....$10 - $30

    Reinforce weak or shredded fabric (cheek rips, anyone?) with a soft mesh backing and repairing tears with a darning machine.

    Taper Legs..... $50åÊ

    Wide legs can be narrowed or tapered at the side seams, oråÊcustomize with a back seam.

    Get Creative! -åÊIf you've got ideas, we can make them happen.åÊåÊ

    Hope to see you there!åÊ Please feel free to call the shop, DM or email at hello@shopstlightning.com with any questions.


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