The Great Escape Studio

Brick by Brick (Curbside Pickup Only)

$ 300 $ 450

The "Brick by Brick" wall hanging is one of the first pieces designed by Sofia Nohlin for TGE Studio and it is still one of her favorites. It consists of 20 hand cut ceramic tiles assembled with a waxed thread. Each piece is individually carved and then glazed with cream speckled glaze. The top stick is unique for each Wall hanging, salvaged from beaches along the California Coast.

Measures  34” tall x 16” in wide

Top stick measure approximately 24 inches 


About the artist:

The Great Escape Studio is a small design studio based in San Francisco. Currently exploring the messy and magic world of clay.

- At first I think my intention for the studio was to create a place for healing & dreams. To carve out a room for myself. A room for trials and beautiful mistakes.

For a long time I had this deep calling to connect with materials and the process of making in a more intimate way. To get my hands dirty so to speak. And that is what TGES is about. To dig in, to be brave, to explore and create from a place of simplicity, authenticity and respect.


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