St. Lightning Jewelry

Petite Gold Chains

$ 45

Petite + sweet.  We've collected a group of essential fine gold chains, with links ranging from a sparkling cable to a disco box.  Choose your favorite or layer a few in different lengths.


Sparkle: One of our most popular chains.  A flat, airy 1.3mm cut cable with a sparkling effect against your skin. 

Fine Cable: A smooth, even 1.8mm cable chain suitable for nearly any charm.  Another customer favorite. 

Baby Figaro:  A fancy little lady who left her heart in Milano, 1972.  Links are 1.4mm wide.  A larger version can be found in our Grande Gold Chains

Drawn Cable: A fine, flat 1.7mm rectangular link to lend some delicate geometry and a bit of subtle sparkle to your neckline.  

Baby Drawn Box: Disco disco disco Tuesday!  The Baby Drawn Box glitters like hell when you move, measuring 1.3mm wide.  A larger version can be found in our Grande Gold Chains. 

Box: A little bolder, this 1mm box chain cuts a solid line.  Looks great on its own, or paired with one of the more open linked chains like Sparkle or Drawn Cable.  If you're looking for a longer chain or something to hold a heavy medallion, the Box Chain is a good one.

A note on lengths: 

  • Every neck is different, so feel free to measure yours!  Cut a string at the length you're wondering about put it around your neck.  If you don't have a ruler handy, remember that a standard piece of paper is 11" long.  You see, that Comcast bill is good for something after all.
  • 14" is a standard choker length meant to sit at the base of your neck.   
  • If you are adding a charm to your chain, remember that the chain shape will point down with the weight, and that the charm will add to the drop measurement.  
  • When in doubt, or if you are getting a gift, an 18" chain is a crowd pleaser.
  • We are happy to create a custom chain length.  Please email us with your request and we will send you a separate invoice.

All gold chains are 14k gold fill and can withstand daily showering. 

Made in-house by us, from USA made materials.


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