St. Lightning Jewelry

Hammered Bangle

$ 68

Lightly hammered bangle, 1/16" thick. Do you ever feel like your bangles threaten to slide off your hands when you are expressing yourself with large, swanlike arm movements? Us too, so we decided to do something about it. Our bangles come in three glorious sizes. 

XS: 2.25" diameter (for tiny wrists + hands that can never find bangles that fit)

S/M: 2.5" diameter (for small wrists with bigger hands, or a medium matching set)

M/L: 2.75" diameter (for medium/large wrists and medium/large hands)

If you aren't sure which bangle will fit, cut a circle out of cardboard in the corresponding diameter and see if you can fit your hand through it! #didyoudoit? Available in 14k Yellow Gold Fill, 14k Rose Gold Fill + Sterling Silver. Handmade in Oakland, CA.

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