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One particularly harried day, Angelyne Tompkins arrived in the shop like a gentle sunbeam, nudging aside the grey city fog to offer some much needed warmth and honesty. I met this gorgeous SF native over a pile of paint-splattered jeans, and soon we were chatting like old friends about everything from our mutual love of 90s linen to the complicated feelings that arise when your hometown suddenly becomes a boomtown... and you're still living in it. 

Spend a bit of time with Angelyne, and it becomes clear that her relaxed nature belies a tenacious core and a hard, respectable hustle.  Despite working full time in the high-pressure SF restaurant industry during the week, Angelyne’s face lights up with passion when she describes weekends spent working at Scribe, a dreamy young winery setting the industry abuzz with its hip clientele and modern rustic approach.  

Even with her full-time grind, Angelyne found time to invite us over to share a cup of tea in the cozy Upper Haight apartment she decorated herself and shares with her partner, Floyd, a chef at Quince.  “I’m not gonna lie, I do have a pretty nice apartment,” she said slyly, breaking into a generous, silky laugh.  “It’s got plants.  It’s got crystals.”  So… when can we come over?


GLASS HALF FULL: Vintage Sheer Tank, Vintage 60s Lime Mini, Machete Grande Hoops and Hannah K Fringe Bracelet.

"I grew up in San Francisco in the 90s and in the Bayview, which is a primarily minority based area, so a lot of the style I grew up with was street style.  It’s baggy jeans and Jordans and fitted caps and big ass t-shirts.  In the black community, that’s what people dressed like.  And I was the total opposite of that! My mom dressed me in neon windbreaker pants and a matching top, or satin hot pink pants and a leopard print shirt.  I was the person who was going against the grain.  Which is fine... I think when you’re a kid though, it kinda hurts when people are making fun of you for your individuality."

CLOUD ILLUSIONS: Vintage Organdy Puff Sleeve Blouse, Vintage White Levi's 550s, Machete Kate Hoops in Rosary (first image) Faris Vero Drop Earrings (second image), Vintage Levi's Cutoffs (second image)

"I really love Billie Holiday and those beautiful black women who were at the forefront of not just fashion, but also movements.  I get a lot of style icon fashion vibes from Solange.  Fashion is about a mood - you have your sexy mood, your more demure mood, you have your chill mood…"

A BIRD OF A DIFFERENT FEATHER: Vintage Peach Silk Disco Top, Vintage Levi's Cutoffs, FARIS Small Lady Day Earrings in Sterling Silver

"San Francisco is a very interesting place with fashion because it’s not necessarily... there, as much as it is in other places.  There’s a lot of money here, and you’d think that people would put a little more effort into the way they look.

It’s funny to see that just because people have a lot of money doesn’t mean they actually care about fashion.  Patagonia’s fine, but individuality and expressing yourself doesn’t seem to be at the forefront."

BUILDING BLOCKS: Vintage 90s Linen Blazer, Vintage Levi's 505s, Machete Grande Flat Hoops in Riviera, 14k Gold Fairy Floss Necklace

"I would like to see a little more of that street style in San Francisco.  I definitely see pieces of it here and there. But trying to navigate my personal style through a wave of people who are very basic and simple… you kind of stand out in a crowd.

I think being around that, and being my own style and being around people who are very monotone has shaped who I am today because I just don’t give a fuck.  ...Is it ok to say fuck?

I dress how I want to dress."

QUEEN OF THE CASTLE: Vintage Sweatshirt, Vintage Creamy Wool Trousers, Faris Ladyday Drop Earrings, Lila Rice Bronze Mondo Cuff

"Recently I’ve been feeling these negative vibes out in the world and it’s been making me want to be more of a recluse.  And not be who I am. In the state of the world, how crazy it can be, we can only be all about love. I think we should create safe spaces for each other to express our individuality - whether it be fashion, whether it be art, whether it be music - and really uplift each other."

IN HER OWN WORDS: Machete Isla Hoops (first image), Laura Lombardi Anima Earrings (second image), Machete Grande Flat Hoops (third image), Vintage Sheer Tank Top

All Images ©St. Lightning, photographed by Senecca Dawn @BonsoirStudio.  Please credit when reposting. 


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Angelyne has effortless, timeless style which translates to everything in her life. Beauty inside and out, she’s definitely a ray of sunshine wherever she goes.

Dylnne G September 19, 2018

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